Job Interview

We have a new series which prepares you for your job application, This serie constist out of 5 episodes: General questions, design questions, engineer questions, management questions and logical reasoning/personal questions. During the episode, there is some time to pause the video and answer the question. You might want to record yourself and review your own answer. Did you say uhm a lot? Was the answer clear? And did you actually answer the question? How about your posture, did you look confident? Doing a perfect job interview takes practice, and this is the ideal way to do it! If you need any more help, you can always send an email to

1) General questions: This episode will focus on the general questions you might get on your job interview. Everybody should be able to answer these questions.

2) Design questions: If your study or application involves some kind of design aspect, it might be a good idea to practice questions relating to this subject. Here are some of the questions recruiters proposed to us.

3) Management questions: Applying for a amanagement role? Be sure to practice these questions about leadership and past experiences.

4) Technical questions: Defining what an engineer precisely does is hard. Still, we designed some questions we think every engineer should be able to answer during their job interview.

5) Personal and logical reasoning: Some companies like to ask unexpected questions to see your reaction, test your english language skills or see if you can reason logically when you haven't prepared a question. This episode will test and improve your creativity in answering these questions.