Frequently Asked Questions

What is Check your match?

The “Check your Match” event offers the perfect opportunity to explore the elective component and the USE learning trajectory of your program. The event enables you to collect extra information on the courses and to ask your questions directly to the teachers.

Why should I subscribe for Check Your Match?

Check your Match in an in-depth event. We ask you to subscribe to make sure you are able to discuss your prepared questions with the teacher.

Is it obligated to subscribe for one USE-package and two coherent packages or can I also choose separate courses?

A USE- package is obliged, unless you choose to take part in the certificate to become a teacher (read more here).

Besides this USE-package we recommend to choose two coherent packages, but this is not 100% mandatory. If you wish to take separate electives instead of 2 coherent packages you can file a request with the exam committe. If they approve this request  you can arrange your elective program in any way you like as long as: you have at least 45 credits and the elective parts of the degree program (including USE study components) includes at least 30 credits worth of Level 2 or 3 study components. For more information about this please contact your study advisor.

If I choose a package from another department than my own, is it possible to pass the course successfully?

Yes, the Bachelor College is designed to choose courses (and packages) from other departments. Some courses and coherent packages however, request prior knowledge. This can be found in the package description on the studyguide and in the course description on Osiris.

Where can I get feedback on my choice? How do I know if I am making a right choice?

Discuss your preliminary choices with your teacher coach. Any doubts and questions you can discuss with teachers at Check Your Match. To make your decision final, discuss your choices once more with your teacher coach

If I made my choice is it possible to change it later?

Yes. You are free to change your elective choices whenever you want. Read more about changing your electives here.

Am I obligated to choose the packages I have visited on Check Your Match?

No, Check Your Match is a way to give you in-depth information about possible choices so you are able to make a well-funded decision for your electives. If you decide to change your mind after the information given on Check your Match, we do advice you to talk to your teacher coach once more.

Where can I find orienting information so I can go prepared to Check Your Match?

All the information about your electives can be found on the study guide. Information about electives can be found here and information about coaching here.