Approval of Examination Program

At the beginning of your Bachelor’s program, a standard examination program will be created for you in OSIRIS, with the compulsory courses of the Bachelor's program Applied Physics. During your study you have to further specify your program with electives and a USE-trajectory.

In quarter 1 of the first year program you must add the first two electives into your program by means of the PlanApp. Later on in the first year you must add the rest of your preliminary choice of electives and USE learning trajectory into the PlanApp, in which you must take account of the fact that your program of examinations must meet the conditions of Article 3.4, paragraph 7 of the Program and Examination Regulations.

The Examination Committee (Study Program Committee) needs to assess your proposal for the elective space for coherence, depth, and overlap, before you can start you Bachelor Final Project. You can submit your proposal via the PlanApp once you have compiled your complete proposal for the elective space and earned at least 90 credits. 

Students from generation 2017 onwards

Students from generation 2017 onwards should submit their personal proposal for the elective space via the PlanApp.
a.           Go to PlanApp;
b.           Check whether the electives are listed correctly in the PlanApp. If not, correct your electives. Note: when courses are part of a coherent package, include them in your proposal for the elective space via the coherent package, and not as a single course.
c.           Choose under Options: Submit for approval. You will only see this option when you have obtained at least 90 credits. Once your proposal for the elective space is approved, the courses, coherent packages and USE learning trajectory you submitted become part of your examination program.
d.            In some situations, it could happen that you want to make a change to your approved elective space. You can make this change yourself in the PlanApp, under Options: Re-submit. Please note that once you have already submitted a diploma request you cannot change your electives yourself via the PlanApp anymore. In that case you need to contact the Study Program Committee Applied Physics (

Students before generation 2017

Students from before generation 2017 should submit their personal examination program via the New study program form. Changes in this desired program at a later stage can be submitted via the Change in study program form.

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