My Future Activities

MyFuture Activities are career orientational activities which a student can attend. These range from lunch lectures to case contests to company visits and are aimed at giving a student a clear overview of where they can work and what they can do when they are finished with their studies.

Started in the academic year of 2020-2021, MyFuture Activities are a mandatory component within all TU/e's Bachelor’s programs. Activities approved by the Education Board have attached values in points. Students must minimally choose a total value of seven points in approved activities. No credits are attached to the MyFuture Activities. 

MyFuture Activities do not apply to students of generation 2019-2020 and older.

The MyFuture Activities kick-off with the first-year excursion, which is valued as 2 MyFuture Activities, also called the Career Day. The remaining five can be obtained by participating in MyFuture Activities of the student's own choice. These can all be found Students can check their progress on the following website: Different career activities yield different values of MyFuture Activities. These values range from 1 to 3, with a higher value given to activities that either take longer, are more detailed or both.