Major Bouwkunde

The major Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences is a mix between theory and practice; between thinking and doing. Together with your colleagues, you will learn how to design constructions, houses, offices, museums, or even complete neighbourhoods. You will be working in a multidisciplinary way with both engineering as well as design and construction processes.

You will begin your studies by gaining broad basis of knowledge in which all the facets of architecture come forward. You will follow courses such as architecture, engineering, functionality, context, and practical feasibility. You will learn to work in groups and you will specialize yourself within specific architectural disciplines. In this way, you will be able to discuss with team members from different disciplines in an effective way in order to achieve optimal results.

Programmatic Principles of the Bachelor of Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences

The bachelor program is geared towards the academic education of the student, equipping the student with a broad scale of architectural instrumentation and professional scales, which he or she will require during their career. During the bachelor program, the practical components will be formed during the multidisciplinary project (final thesis) in the last part of the entire program and during multiple practical studio projects in the second and third year. Besides that, projects will often be simulations of realistic societal and scientific issues.

Basic courses

Every student takes a number of basic courses. These basic courses provide the foundation for moulding the 'Eindhoven Engineer', and will develop your transversal knowledge. This is the knowledge you will need to follow electives and coherent elective packages in a degree program outside the one you have chosen. 

The basic courses include Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Modeling, Design, User, Society & Enterprise, and Professional Skills. There are different variants of the basic courses for different degree programs. 

The basic subject matrix provides an overview of preferred basic courses for your Major.


The Basic Courses

0LAB0 - Introduction to Modeling: dynamic systems

0LDB0 – Introduction to Modeling: Modeling from scratch

0LEB0 - Introduction to modeling - from problems to numbers and back

0SAB0 - USE basic: Ethics and history of technology

2WAB0 - Calculus variant A

2WBB0 - Calculus variant B

2WCB0 - Calculus variant C

3NAB0 - Applied Physical Sciences conceptual

3NBB0 - Applied Physical Sciences formal

3NCB0 - Applied Physical Sciences flows

4WBB0 Engineering Design


Changing Major 

If you wish to change majors during your studies, it is possible that you will have followed a different version riant of a basic course than required. If this is the case, you need to discuss this with your teacher or coach. It is possible that you will need to catch up on certain courses to be able to successfully complete your new major.


Electives and elective packages

The elective part of your Bachelor’s program comprises 45 ECTS. There is a wide range of electives and elective packages to choose from; and it is up to you to decide how to fill this part of your study program:

Within your own discipline, exploring your Major in greater depth. 

Within a different discipline, expanding your horizons by combining different fields.

Opting for a combination within one of the TU/e research areas: Energy, Health and Smart Mobility.

You can opt for elective packages or separate elective courses. In principle, any course in the Bachelor College can be chosen as an elective, including Major courses from other programs. However, you will need to bear in mind the necessary prior knowledge required for the course and the timeslot you wish to choose. The TU/e PlanApp and this website can provide useful guidance. Discuss your options with your study coach, who can help you make an appropriate choice.