Major Bouwkunde

The major Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences is a mix between theory and practice; between thinking and doing. Together with your colleagues, you will learn how to design constructions, houses, offices, museums, or even complete neighbourhoods. You will be working in a multidisciplinary way with both engineering as well as design and construction processes.

You will begin your studies by gaining broad basis of knowledge in which all the facets of architecture come forward. You will follow courses such as architecture, engineering, functionality, context, and practical feasibility. You will learn to work in groups and you will specialize yourself within specific architectural disciplines. In this way, you will be able to discuss with team members from different disciplines in an effective way in order to achieve optimal results.

Programmatic Principles of the Bachelor of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

The Bachelor's program is geared towards the academic education of the student, equipping the student with a broad scale of architectural instrumentation and professional scales, which he or she will require during their career. During the Bachelor's program, the practical components will be formed during the multidisciplinary project (final thesis) in the last part of the entire program and during multiple practical studio projects in the second and third year. Besides that, projects will often be simulations of realistic societal and scientific issues.