Program objectives

The program objectives and learning trajectories of both Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and Engineering apply.

Program Overview

The schedule below provides a detailed overview of the double bachelor program Applied Mathematics - Computer Science and Engineering, with each study component represented by its code and name.

1) Years 2 and 3 show 7x elective or USE. This means that the student must choose between an elective study component or a USE study component. The requirement is that, in study years 2 and 3, a total of 3 USE study components (one coherent USE package) and 2 electives must be completed.

2) In the major one has to choose one DBL out of four (the other DBL’s might be chosen as electives in year 2 or 3)

3) With permission of the academic advisor component 2IPE0 (Yr 3,Q4) can be taken in Q1 or Q3 instead.