Program objectives

The overall objective of the bachelor’s degree program is to train and educate young professionals to the level they need to enter an appropriate master’s degree program or embark upon a professional career in the computer science field.

To that end, you are expected to:

1.      acquire cognitive skills relating to computer science and engineering
2.      acquire practical capabilities and skills relating to software design
3.      acquire professional and generic academic skills

Basic courses

You need to take a number of basic courses that will provide the foundation for your development as engineer. As such, they highly contribute to the third objective above, developing professional and generic academic skills. More specifically, they prepare our students to apply their specific computer science knowledge and skills in multidisciplinary settings. 

These basic courses will give you the knowledge you need for your electives and to take elective packages outside your degree program.

The basic courses include Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Data Analytics, Design, User, Society & Enterprise and Professional Skills. Different degree programs may use different variations of a course.

Program Overview

The schedule below provides a detailed overview of the double bachelor program Applied Mathematics - Computer Science and Engineering, with each study component represented by its code and name.

On this page, you can also find information about the learning lines (important conceptual domains) in your major.

1) Years 2 and 3 show 7x elective or USE. This means that the student must choose between an elective study component or a USE study component. The requirement is that, in study years 2 and 3, a total of 3 USE study components (one coherent USE package) and 2 electives must be completed.

2) In the major one has to choose one DBL out of four (the other DBL’s might be chosen as electives in year 2 or 3)

3) With permission of the academic advisor component 2IPE0 (Yr 3,Q4) can be taken in Q1 or Q3 instead.