Additional mandatory components

Studium Generale

Part of your USE learning trajectory is participating in at least 5 Studium Generale activities marked with a USE logo.

The Studium Generale (SG) office promotes the social, intellectual and cultural interests of students. SG organizes lectures, discussions, concerts, exhibitions, excursions, theater and film performances and workshops with and for students. SG also has the task of strengthening the cultural role of the university in the city and the region, and of supporting and promoting student amateur art.

To participate in these activities, sign up at Studium Generale. They will register your attendance at the activities. If you participate in at least five activities by the end of your USE learning trajectory, you can successfully complete the USE learning trajectory. You are, of course, welcome to join in more Studium Generale activities. They are social, intellectual and a way of broadening your cultural interests.

Note: if you have chosen to take both teaching degree elective packages and don't follow a USE trajectory, the SG activities need to be part of your second elective program.

* If you started your bachelor’s degree program before 2014, SG is not a mandatory part of your USE learning trajectory

MyFuture Activities

As of the academic year 2020-2021 MyFuture Activities are a compulsory part within all TU/e bachelor’s programs. All activities approved by the Education Board (whose members are the Dean of the Bachelor College, Dean of the Graduate School and the Director of ESA) are seen as a MyFuture Activity and can be recognized by the MyFuture logo. To complete your bachelor, you will need to have participated in a sufficient amount of MyFuture Activities to obtain a value of at least 7. The MyFuture Activities kick-off with the first-year excursion, which is valued as 2 MyFuture Activities. The remaining five can be obtained by participating in MyFuture Activities of your own choice. The assigned value to the activities varies from 1 to 3. There are no course credits associated with the MyFuture Activities.

For more information about the MyFuture Activities, visit the MyFuture website.