Final project

2IPE0 Software Engineering Project

You will apply and integrate the knowledge and skills you have gained in the previous years in your final DBL project, a large and complex software engineering project. This will demonstrate your ability to develop large non-trivial software in a group context. Each project will have a real-life external customer for the software system/prototype you develop. You will practice various professional skills (teamwork, planning and organization, presentation, reflection, writing) and use scrum to effectively and efficiently develop your software.

In order to be allowed to start your final project, you need to satisfy the entry requirements as specified in the OSIRIS course information of 2IPE0.

Project Groups

A project group consists of approximately ten students who will work on the project almost full-time. Each group has a project manager and a quality manager (master’s degree students doing 2IP45). Furthermore, each group has a supervisor (staff member) to assist with technical questions and review the technical documents.


The deliverables and software will be judged by teachers and supervisors based on the criteria published in the SEP study guide (see the course information for 2IPE0). This results in a group grade. In addition, peer and tutor assessments will take place in order to signal and deal with ‘freeriding’. The final peer and tutor assessments can influence the individual grade.

Individual Portfolio Assignment

You also have to do an individual portfolio assignment: you will use a number of small exercises to reflect on your software engineering project and the bachelor’s degree phase. This requires professional skills like reflecting and the ability to impart solutions to a lay public. You will also pitch yourself to a panel of recruiters. The portfolio assignment is assessed separately. In order to pass the SEP component, the portfolio needs to be graded as ’sufficient’.


The final project is scheduled for the fourth quarter. To facilitate students who have a delay in their studies, it is also offered in the first and third quarter.

More information

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