Examination Schedules

Examination Schedules

In Osiris you can easily subscribe yourself for the upcoming examination session. You can do this by clicking on Progress and then Qualification request.

At the point at which you pass, or are about to pass, the last study component of your program at TU/e (e.g. your internship report submission or your final presentation/report or examination), you will need to take at least three steps before your enrollment is officially terminated and you receive your degree;

1. ensure you have already received Examination Committee approval for your electives package,     

2. register for a final examination session in order to determine if you have passed and are eligible for your degree,

3. terminate your enrollment at TU/e in order to have any remaining tuition fee refunded.

You can find all the necessary information for terminating enrollment upon final examination at the TU/e website.

BSc Data Science 31-08-2022 02-08-2022 17-08-2022
BSc Data Science 26-09-2022 28-08-2022 12-09-2022
BSc Data Science 31-10-2022 02-10-2023 17-10-2022
BSc Data Science 21-11-2022 23-10-2022 07-11-2022
BSc Data Science 12-12-2022 13-11-2022 28-11-2022
BSc Data Science 30-01-2023 01-01-2023 16-01-2023
BSc Data Science 27-02-2023 29-01-2023 13-02-2023
BSc Data Science 27-03-2023 26-02-2023 13-03-2023
BSc Data Science 24-04-2023 26-03-2023 10-04-2023
BSc Data Science 22-05-2023 23-04-2023 08-05-2023
BSc Data Science 26-06-2023 28-05-2023 12-06-2023

The closing date is the date by which you should have registered yourself via Osiris.

The deadline is the date on which all study results must be registered in Osiris. Please contact csa.mcs@tue.nl if you have any questions.

Dates M&CS Graduation Ceremonies

Department of M&CS Graduation Ceremonies  
Program PB, B of M Day Date Possible time slot(s) Location
BDS PB     unknown