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Major Electrical Engineering 2023-2024

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You have chosen to study the major Electrical Engineering within the TU/e Bachelor College. 

Half of the three-year bachelor’s program is devoted to your major Electrical Engineering (EE), a study that will prepare you for a job as an engineer in electrical engineering.

The other half of the program consists of basic courses and elective courses:

  • All first-year TU/e students follow several basic courses which are the same for every study program.
  • In your first year you already choose several elective courses. You shape your own study program right from the beginning.

The study program also contains non-engineering courses because engineers are concerned with more than engineering alone.


This study aims to bring you up to the level of engineering-science Bachelor as an electrical engineer. To this end the following objectives are central to the study:

  • To give the student a broad knowledge base to enable him/her to accommodate to the subfields of the subject;
  • To provide the student with skills to optimize cooperation in a multidisciplinary team;
  • To prepare the Bachelor student properly for an engineering-science Master in Electrical Engineering.


The study of Electrical Engineering focuses on the applications of electricity and magnetism, which include renewable energy systems, telecommunication, robotics, medical equipment and computers. Electrical Engineering has been the fastest growing field in engineering over the past fifty years, having an enormous impact on society. Just think of the tumultuous rise of computers, the introduction of mobile telephony and key medical innovations, like the MRI scanner. The field embraces both analog and digital systems in which hardware and software are equally important. 


More specifically, Electrical Engineering comprises the following subfields: 

  • Energy technology; 
  • Electronics; 
  • Photonics or opto-electronics; 
  • Electronic systems; 
  • Control engineering; 
  • Electromechanics and power electronics; 
  • Telecommunication; 
  • Signal processing; 
  • Electromagnetism. 


Within our own Electrical Engineering department, the research focuses on three themes: 

  • Connected world; 
  • Care and cure; 
  • Smart and sustainable society. 

During your study you will explore each of these themes, either in projects or in your Bachelor’s Final Project. 

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