Major Industrial Design

The Bachelor program of Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology distinguishes itself by its focus on designing intelligent systems, products and related services, and by its emphasis on self-directed and competency-centered learning. With this approach, we aim to offer you a thorough preparation for a rapidly transforming society, and your challenging role as a designer in this society.

As design is rapidly evolving in various domains, there is a need for professionals with the ability to respond and anticipate creatively and flexibly to new situations and unpredictable changes. In addition to specialized engineers, a University of Technology must deliver academic professionals that understand technological developments, and can connect them creatively and strategically to user and societal needs. These engineers should be able to develop services and create artifacts with emergent technologies, like embedded sensors, actuators and computing that enable interaction between people, underlying data systems and other artifacts.

The Department of Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology enters its seventeenth year of educating students to become these societally-aware industrial designers of intelligent systems, products and related services.

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