Educational Office

The Educational Office (EO) is responsible for student registration, project- and exam planning, and scheduling and planning of courses and workshops. Furthermore, you can address the EO for statements and diplomas.

For questions or requests relating to the above-mentioned topics, please send an e-mail to

Study advisors

You can consult one of the study advisors for all kinds of issues that affect your study progress, academic achievement or study planning. These issues may be related to personal circumstances (e.g. dyslexia, RSI, home situation) or changes to the composition of your block, study choice, motivation or complaints. You can also consult one of the study advisors for general questions about your B3.1 semester. 

Pleunie van Daesdonk: Study advisor bachelor (students last name A-H)

  • Walk-in consultation hour Fridays 12.30h-13.30h in room LG 1.16 
  • Telephone: +31 40 - 247 5411

Yolanda Hübner: Study advisor bachelor (students last name I-Z)

  • Walk-in consultation hour Tuesdays 12.30h-13.30h in room LG 1.16
  • Telephone: +31 40 - 247 4988

Educational secretariat

You can contact the secretary for general questions about our bachelor's or master's program or to schedule an appointment with the Director of Education, one of the study advisors or the quality assurance and educational policy officer.

Exchange coordinator

Are you planning to do an exchange in your B3.1 semester? If you have questions, please contact the exchange coordinator.

Yolanda Hübner

Internship coordinator

Are you planning to do an internship in your B3.1 semester? You can consult Meerthe Heuvelings for all kinds of issues related to your internship. Please start your preparations in time (preferably in your B2.1 or at the start of your B2.2). There’s little the coordinator can do a few weeks before you are supposed to start your internship. 

Meerthe Heuvelings

Reception Laplace

Please go to the reception desk if you need a beamer, flip-over (and markers), camera (and tripod) or voice-recorder.