Basic Courses

As part of the Bachelor College, all bachelor students of Eindhoven University of Technology must complete five generic engineering courses, also referred to as Basic Courses, and develop their professional skills. The generic engineering courses and professional skills provide the foundation for the Eindhoven Engineer, and support the acquisition of transversal knowledge, which is needed to take electives and coherent elective packages outside the Major. The generic engineering courses relate to and support development in the different Areas of Expertise.


The overview below shows which area of expertise is addressed in which course(s). Some basic courses are offered in different variants for different degree programs. ID students can take Calculus variant A and Applied Physical Sciences conceptual (but other variants are also allowed, if you prefer one of those). Do not forget to register for the Basic Courses before the regular registration deadlines. You can find these in the Year Planning on the Forms and Files page. Only first year students are registered automatically for the basic course in Q1. From Q2 onwards, you have to register yourself through Osiris

Overview of Basic Courses: You can find more information on the courses in the course descriptions in the Osiris course catalogue.

CodeBasic CourseExpQ1Q2Q3Q4
2WAB0Calculus Variant AMDCx   
3NAB0Applied Physical Sciences conceptualTR x  
2IAB0Data Analytics for EngineersMDC  x 
0SAB0USE BasicUS   x
4WBB0Engineering DesignDRPx