Electives as ELA

As one of the options in the first phase of your third year you can choose five TU/e electives as part of your program. You can choose electives which will support you in expanding your knowledge in specific expertise areas and improve your competency development including your professional identity and vision. Some electives are offered as a coherent learning line of two or three electives. 

General information on your options in the third year and other relevant information such as how to register in Osiris and the Formal Approval can be found here. 

Your complete elective package in the entire program consists of 45 ECTS, 25 ECTS of these are done as part of the external learning activity. You can choose electives from both inside the ID department and from other departments at the TU/e. Choosing more than 15 ECTS of electives outside the Industrial Design department requires you to motivate your choices and the approval of the Examination Committee. In general, the Examination Committee approves a maximum of 25 ECTS in courses taken outside the Industrial Design Department. 

Do not forget to look at the level requirements in the elective space. 

As with all activities in the first phase of the third year, you need to discuss your plans with your teacher coach, and ask for his/her formal approval. If you have any specific questions please contact your Academic advisor, see Contact page

For dates and deadlines regarding enrolment for electives at the Department of Industrial Design, please visit the Forms and Files page