Please first read the general information on the B31 semester (including registration and the Formal Approval Form) here.

An internship provides students with the opportunity to experience a professional design or design research context, and to develop specific knowledge and skills that might not be offered within your educational program. Internships can be conducted at a company within the Netherlands or abroad. Please contact the internship coordinator for additional information about internships abroad. Her contact information can be found on the Contact page.

To start an internship a positive result for Project 1 (DPB100), Project 2 (DPB210) and Project 3 (DPB220) is required. 
You also need to arrange Formal approval (see here) from your teacher coach and register in Osiris before starting your internship. You are strongly advised to complete all your basic courses before starting an internship.
Please note that your teacher coach is usually the same person as your Project 3 coach. If you are unsure please contact CSA ID. 

During your internship, you will take part in the work of a company, institution or research department. You will integrate your developed expertise areas in the context of the organization and have the opportunity to develop the level of these areas based on your personal development plan. You will also develop your professional skills in the context of an organization; presenting, reporting, organizing and planning and collaboration. In addition, you will have the opportunity to explore future possibilities for your Master track and future profession. 

Are you going abroad for your internship? Please check the 'Fact sheet Industrial Design Project and or Research Abroad' on the Forms and Files page. 

Take into account the company profileagreementsdeliverables and assessment procedure before starting your internship. 

Students may also conduct a research internship within the department, for which they can contact a scientific staff member at one of the research clusters Future Everyday or Systemic Change

Vacancies and Client list

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