Graduation deliverables

When you need to hand in your deliverables for your FBP assessment, you will also need to hand in deliverables necessary for your graduation.

At the portfolio deadline, you also will need to complete the online ‘Delivery and Graduation Information From’ (link and deadline are available on Canvas) and upload some documents in this form. 

You can find the project code of your FBP in Osiris on the ‘Overview Registrations’ tab.

What information is collected via the ‘Delivery and Graduation Information Form’:

  • Complete the form to give information on how your report can be archived and published at the TU/e Repository. In case you have an NDA or Embargo; and your work may not be published in the TU/e Repository, you can indicate this in this form.
  • In the form you need to upload a signed Declaration TU/e Code of Scientific Conduct FBP. With this declaration you confirm that your project has been carried out responsibly and observes and maintaining the TU/e Code of Scientific Integrity. The Declaration is also available as a separate file on the Forms and Files page. Download the form, complete and sign the form, and upload the form in the online ‘Delivery and Graduation Information Form’.
  • In the form we ask you to add information necessary for organizing the graduation ceremony; e.g. to upload an image of your project and a short description. We also ask for your contact details (email) when we need to contact you after you have left University.

Keep in mind that diplomas cannot be provided without all documents and forms mentioned above.