Design requires extensive communication with various stakeholders (team members, users, clients, research community etc.) and to show results at the end of a project or during a design or research process, communication takes place orally, in writing (reports or scientific papers) or by using sketches, prototypes, videos etc.

During the program, you will learn to choose the appropriate communication methods and media for the purpose of the message, situation and audience. You will motivate your decisions, consider alternatives and have a personal and attractive (visual) design identity. Finally, you should also be able to clearly communicate your own professional identity and vision.

Tasks or activities that stimulate the development of communication skills and their place in the curriculum:

  • Demonstrating (Demo Day)
  • Reporting (e.g. deliverable in Project 1, Project 2 and Project 3)
  • Presenting (e.g. deliverable in Project 2, Project 3 and FBP)
  • Portfolio (e.g. deliverable in Project 1, Professional Identity and Vision and FBP)

The following activity is offered to first year bachelor students to develop presentation skills:

  • DJC05 Pitching your Project (Please check this training's course description through:

For more support, please see Skills Lab Presenting and Writing Skills.