Project 3

Project 3: Design Research

DPB220 Project 3 Design Research is offered in the 2nd semester of year 2 of the bachelor program. Check the entrance requirements on Osiris. This project focuses on research through design; you will work in a team and write a scientific paper about a topic in the squad’s application field.  The course DDB100 Design < > Research in Quartile 2 of the same year gives background to this project.

Project 3 is executed in one of the squad’s application domains. During the project you will be supported by, amongst others, the squad leader, scientific staff, experts from practice and PhD candidates. You will present your results in the squad, together with other bachelor and master students.

You can find how to register for a project on the Project Market page.

More information

Please check the Competence Assessment page for more information on deliverables and assessment. You can find the registration dates and deadlines for this project in the Dates and deadlines and Year planning on the Forms and Files page.