File a request or an appeal

Students can contact the Examination Committee Industrial Design (EC ID) in two different ways. With a request or through an appeal. 

  • Request: If, for example, you would like exemption from a course, to propose a different learning activity as part of your curriculum, approval for a double degree, would like to request quarantine for exams, or would like to get permission for courses outside the ID curriculum. 

  • Appeal: If you do not agree with your assessment result (course or project) you can file an appeal. An appeal can only be based on to the assessment procedure. Content arguments will not be taken into account. You first need to contact the first lecturer/examiner involved to ask for an explanation of the grade or verdict. If you still do not agree, contact your academic advisor for support on the appeal procedure. You will need to file your appeal through the form of the Examination Appeals Board. After submitting your appeal through the form, it is recommended to notify the Examination Committee of your appeal and include the description of your situation to speed up the process. 

Students should submit an individual request in writing to the Examination Committee. The correct procedure must be followed for each request. Refer to the rules and regulations that apply to your request or objection as part of your argumentation. 

IMPORTANT: Use the EC Request form and consult the EC Request information on the Forms and files page for more information on the different types of Requests and the procedures involved. 

The academic advisor can provide help and should always be contacted when submitting a request. The academic advisor will only give you feedback once. You can find the contact details for the secretary of the Examination Committee ID and your Academic advisor on the Contact page


A request must be submitted to the Examination Committee before the intended learning activity starts. Please check the dates of the meetings and the deadlines involved in the Examination Committee dates and deadlines (see Forms and Files page). 

If you would like to get feedback from your academic advisor, the draft request or objection form should be submitted no later than one week before the deadline. Your request needs to be submitted to the EC at least one week before the meeting, the deadline is Monday 23.59h. Only then will your request be discussed in the next EC ID meeting. 

Decisions of the EC ID

You will receive a formal decision letter from the EC within 10 working days after the EC meeting. However, the decision is not yet final. You can inform the EC of your view within two weeks if you do not agree with this provisional decision. You can do this either in writing or by requesting a hearing with the EC. In that case you will be invited for a hearing with, in most cases, the chair of the EC and your academic advisor. You are invited to explain your situation, but you will need to present new facts as well for the EC to consider. You will receive a letter from the EC with the final decision as a response to your view as soon as possible. 

If you still do not agree with the final decision of the EC and you are convinced that your arguments are valid, you can submit an appeal to the Examination Appeals board within six weeks.