If you have a complaint, there are different ways to inform the right body. Check the different routes below. Contact your academic advisor if you’re unsure which route to take.

The Educational Officer of Lucid

If you disagree with issues related to the content of the ID curriculum you can contact the educational officer of Lucid. It will then be discussed in the year councils, led by Lucid. You can find the procedure in the section Quality of Education. Lucid’s contact information can be found on the Contact page.

The Academic advisor

Complaints concerning other issues related to the Industrial Design department can be directed to the Academic Advisor. The contact information of the academic advisors can be found on the Contact page.

The Confidential counsellor

If you have problems and/or conflicts with coaches, lecturers or other staff members, you can contact a confidential counsellor. They are here to help anyone at the university who is confronted with inappropriate or unwelcome behaviour.

TU/e Complaints and disputes facility

TU/e Complaints and disputes facility

If you have a complaint or if you do not agree with a certain decision taken by the Examination Committee or Department, you can submit a complaint or dispute at the ESA reception desk, either in writing or online. This channel should only be used when the ID department has not been able to help you out. A solution can often be found without beginning formal procedures.