Dyslexia and functional impairment

Are you a student with a functional impairment? TU/e wants to offer equal chances to study success to all students. On the general TU/e pages you can find a summary of facilities and regulations (sorry, Dutch only). Of course, we can only help you if you let us know! The earlier you apply, the faster we can take the necessary measures to prevent possible study delay.

What’s a functional impairment?

By functional impairment we mean all physical, sensory or other impairments that might affect you study progress. Think off a physical handicap, a chronical disease, psychological complaints, but also autism, ADHD or dyslexia.


You will need to contact the student dean at ESA (Education and Student Affairs). In the download 'Dyslexia procedure' you will find more information about the procedure at ID. If you would like to discuss how your functional impairment influences your study progress and study planning, please contact your study advisor at Industrial Design.