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Master Sustainable Energy Technology (SET)

This Master is open for Sustainable Energy students provided that they meet the requirements below. If they haven’t completed all courses they should contact the FTC-SET individually.

cohort 2019 and later

Basic courses (mandatory, 20 ECTS)

  • 2WBB0 Calculus B
  • 3NBB0 Physics Formal
  • 2IAB0 Data Analytics for Engineers
  • 4WBB0 Engineering Design

Major courses, specialization track (mandatory 20 ECTS)

  • 3DEX0 Physics of Energy
  • 4RA10 Introduction Transport Phenomena
  • 4EB00 Thermodynamics
  • 4PB00 Heath and Flow

Electives (minimum 20 ECTS)

  • 5SEA0 - Electrical energy phenomena & relations
  • 5EWB0 - Electrical power systems
  • 4GA50 - DBL Solar Heat System
  • 4GB10 - DBL Combustion Engine
  • 4PC00 - Thermal and fluid engineering
  • 3FTX0 - Turbulence, waves and instabilities
  • 4BC00 - Chemically reacting flows
  • 4EC10 - Dynamics of energy systems

Cohort 2018 and earlier

  • For Specialisation Sustainable Energy NL: At least 20 ects chosen from  the elective packages "Energie" or "Ontwerpen van Energiesystemen" and the two electrical energy courses (5SEA0 Energy Phenomena and relations, and 5EWB0 Electrical Power Systems). NB We recommend to choose at least 5SEA0 since this is prior knowledge for 5EWB0 which is part of your bachelor BSI or your master SET.

    For Specialisation Sustainable Energy EN: Two courses of the elective packages "Smart and Sustainable Society" (5APA0 Power Electronics and 5XWA0 Power system analysis and Optimization) AND one additional electrical energy course (5EWB0 Electrical Power Systems). NB for this package you also need 5EWA0 Electromechanics as prior knowledge.

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