Afstudeer- en examenzittingen

In Osiris you can easily subscribe yourself for the upcoming examination session. You can do this by clicking on Progress and then Qualification request.

Sustainable Innovation29-09-1701-09-17
Sustainable Innovation31-10-1703-10-17
Sustainable Innovation30-11-1702-11-17
Sustainable Innovation22-12-1701-12-17
Sustainable Innovation31-01-1803-01-18
Sustainable Innovation28-02-1807-02-18
Sustainable Innovation29-03-1801-03-18
Sustainable Innovation30-04-1802-04-18
Sustainable Innovation31-05-1803-05-18
Sustainable Innovation29-06-1801-06-18
Sustainable Innovation31-07-1803-07-18
Sustainable Innovation31-08-1803-08-18

Ceremony dates

  • Propedeuse PT & SI Monday 23-10-17 at 16.00
  • Bachelor PT & SI 26-09-17, 16.00h, and 12-03-18