Bachelor's Final Project


The Bachelor's Final Project (BEP) is the last course of the Major Sustainable Innovation. The course invites students to individually go through the entire research cycle for a specific socio-technical issue. This includes the articulation of clear research questions, a transparent and relevant research methodology, data collection and analysis, and the development of policy, strategy and/or research recommendations. Though students will have to perform individually, and will receive individual grades, multiple students can work and collaborate on the same issue in student teams. Student teams will be supervised by a Technology, Innovation & Society (TIS) or Philosophy&Ethics (PH&E) staff member.

Learning objectives

Under supervision, Students are capable to:

  • formulate a research question fitted to the problem and relevant scholarly literature
  • perform literature search 
  • apply and modify relevant scientific theory in order to solve a technology related problem 
  • make an adequate research design for empirical research 
  • apply relevant scientific methods for empirical research 
  • relate interpretation of data to theory and to a policy advice 
  • individually write a scientific report 
  • reflect and think systematically


A student can only be admitted to this course if he/she has obtained one quartile before the actual start of the Bachelor Final Project (BEP):

  • At least 120 ects, of which:
  • All first year courses, including the first year track course and 10 ects of elective courses
  • And at least one of the following courses: 
    • 0HV50 (Behavioral Research Methods 2: Dealing with data), or
    • 0SV80 (Sustainable Technology in Society Advanced), or
    • 0SV100 (Economics of Innovation Advanced).


Forms, like final assessment form, code of conduct and requesting an extension can be found and downloaded on the Canvas page.

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