Basic Courses

Bachelor College

Every student takes a number of basic courses. These basic courses provide the foundation for moulding the 'Eindhoven Engineer', and will develop your transversal knowledge. This is the knowledge you will need to follow electives and coherent elective packages in a degree program outside the one you have chosen.

The basic courses include Mathematics, Physics, Data Engineering, Design, User, Society & Enterprise (USE), and Professional Skills. There are different variants of Calculus and Physics for different degree programs.

Basic courses for Sustainable Innovation

  • Mathematics: 2WBB0 Calculus variant 2
  • Physics 
    • Sustainable Energy: 3NBB0 Applied natural sciences formal (cf Mechanical Engineering)
    • Urban Planning & Mobility and Sustainability for the built environment: minimum 3NAB0 Applied natural sciences conceptual (cf Built Environment). 3NBB0 allows for more options in electives and a possible switch from Built Environment to Energy.
  • Data Engineering: 2IAB0 Data Engineering
  • Design: 4WBB0 Engineering Design
  • User, Society & Enterprise (USE): 0SAB0 USE Basic
  • Professional Skills: embedded in the major courses, check this page


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