Major Courses

Major Courses

The major courses are built on five learning lines:

  1. Economics of Innovation: 0SV30-0SV60-0SV70-0SV100
  2. Sustainable Technology in Society: 0SV10-0SV40-0SV50-0SV80
  3. Research Methodology: 0HV00-0HV50
  4. Engineering Courses*
  5. Integration courses: 0SV00-0SV20-0SV90-0BEPS0

*In your first semester you choose one of the engineering domains: Sustainable Energy or Sustainability for Urban Planning and Mobility. The four Engineering Courses within the engineering domain are obligatory:

Sustainable Energy (as of 2019)

  • 3DEX0 Physics of New Energy
  • 4RA10 Introduction Transport Phenomenon
  • 4EB00 Thermodynamics
  • 4PB00 Heat and Flow

Urban Planning & Mobility (as of 2020)

  • 7U7X0 Urban Projects and Finance
  • 7W9X0 Transportation Engineering
  • 7W7X0 Urban Planning
  • 7W3X0 Mobility and Logistics

Sustainability for the built environment (2019 and before)

  • 7T2X0 Building Technology
  • 7S3X0 Designing based on building physics and materials
  • 7S4X0 Building physics and building services
  • 7I3X0 Built Environment Project for PT and SI