Continuing in a master's program

Continuing in a master's program

With a completed bachelor program Applied Mathematics you can enroll in the TU/e master program Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Depending on the courses taken in the bachelor, homologation courses within this master program may be necessary.
Enrollment in various other master programs at TU/e or elsewhere is also a possibility. See the 'doorstroommatrix' for more information.

In this master's program students focus on one of the following themes, or on a combination of them:

  • Computational Science and Engineering
  • Discrete Mathematics and Applications
  • Statistics, Probability and Operations Research

Coaching by a staff member and the course Professional Portfolio help students in setting up a course program of their interest.

Teacher training program

After completion of your bachelor program, students with sufficient command of the Dutch language can also enroll in the TU/e master program Science Education and Communication (SEC) carried out by the Eindhoven School of Education, ESoE, in order to obtain a master's degree in Science Education and Communication plus a teaching licence for high school mathematics. 

Another possibility is to combine the masters Industrial and Applied Mathematics and SEC in a double degree program of at least 150 ECTS. 

If you have completed successfully the two educational elective packages in your bachelor program, you may opt for a continuation by including master level educational packages in your mathematics master IAM. For details, contact ESoE and the IAM study advisor.


Other master's programs

For other master's programs offered by the department of Mathematics and Computer Science, please see this page.

With TU/e's mathematics bachelor you can also enroll in master's programs on mathematics at Delft University of Technology and Twente University of Technology. Mathematics masters at other Dutch universities may impose some conditions. ​​​​​​​