Responsible Innovation in a Global Context

What is the Learning Line about?

In the Learning Line Responsible Innovation in a global context you will learn how to develop responsible innovations for the world. You will work on real-life projects and will be supervised by entrepreneurs and innovators from the private and public sector. Throughout the 3 quartiles you will work in groups in the Innovation Space on concrete innovations.

Why is it special?

The work on your responsible innovation project and the answers you come up with during this Learning Line will contribute directly to real-life project/innovations, on which businesses and NGOs are working right now. Your work will have real-life impact.

What do I learn?

In quartile 1 you learn about why and how “context matters” – and apply this to your respective innovation projects. Quartile 2’s motto is “make it matter” – and you start making concrete design decisions for your innovations and begin concretizing/manifesting your ideas. Quartile 3 will be about making sure that your responsible innovation will actually “land” in the world and make an impact.

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How is it organized?

From the very beginning you will engage in the design of a responsible innovation project. This engagement is supported by theoretical insights and inspirations you receive during lectures (also known as “power hours”).

Your work will take place in the innovation Space, an ideal location for project work. You will be part of a multidisciplinary team, working on one responsible innovation project during all three quartiles. You will be supervised by TU/e staff and by external business partners and social entrepreneurs.


Watch the videos, to get an impression of what is means to be part of this Learning Line:


Team work:

Final event:

The Learning Line in more detail

Quartile 1: Context matters!

Quartile 1’s motto is: context matters! You will see how and why context matters, if you want to successfully develop responsible innovations.

It is, thus, all about getting to know “your project” and its context, challenges, opportunities etc. You have to deeply know and understand your project before you can actually start making it.

During Q1 you will successively concretize your innovation project by creating a specific context- and technology dossier for it. This context- and tech dossier contains essential contextual information that impacts and informs the design options of your responsible innovation.

Based on this context-and tech dossier you will be able to enter the second course of the Learning Line, which as the motto: Make it matter!

Quartile 2: Make it matter!

The motto of quartile 2 is: make it matter. This means that the emphasis in this quartile is even more on the actual design of your responsible innovation idea.

After understanding why and how the specific context of your project matters (Q1) and what design options there are for your innovation, you will now “make your project matter”.

Supervised by TU/e staff and the company/non-for-profit supervisor(s) your student team will further design the innovation, taking into consideration the diverse contextual aspects identified in Q1.

The working style followed in Q2 is informed and influenced by the so-called “agile scrum” methodology, which is one of the most common product/software development methodologies currently used in the business context.

Agile scrum is based on short, iterative development sessions (sprints), each leading to a usable deliverable within a set timeframe. It builds on multidisciplinary teamwork, in which members are asked to develop/use their T-shaped skills (working not only vertically in their specialty/discipline but also horizontally, across specialties). As such it provides an ideal framework for the development of your responsible innovation ideas. In addition, it is an ideal possibility to introduce you to a leading working method, which you are likely to use in your future professional work.

Quartile 3: For the World

In Q1 you learnt about why and how context matters – and applied this to your respective projects. Quartile 2’s motto was “make it matter” – and you started making concrete design decisions for your projects and began concretizing/manifesting your ideas/insights.

Quartile 3 is termed “For the world”. After understanding your project (more) in depth (Q1), and after having concentrated on actually making your project in Q2, Q3 will be about “opening up” again. Q3 will introduce to you “the world” outside, even beyond your project.

You will get in touch with diverse stakeholders working in the field of Responsible Innovation in a global context. Through attending guest lectures and site visits you will be exposed to different external stakeholders working in the field of global RI, offering possibilities to discuss and reflect on your own RI designs.

This will feed into your final efforts to make sure that the innovation you have been working on during the last 3 quartiles will actually “land” and have an impact for the world.


Watch the videos, to get an impression of what is means to be part of this Learning Line:


Team work:

Final event: