Graduation checklist

Months before you start the project

Submit study program if you have accumulated 40–50 credits.

Form 1: Forms are available in the web version of this document at Look under your program, then ’Graduation’ and then ’Graduation checklist











Started in 2015/2016 or earlier

Started in 2016/2017

Started in 2017 or later












Double degree  Started in 2017 or later

Make sure both you and your graduation supervisor sign the form. If you did not yet decide on your graduation supervisor, the form should be signed by your mentor. Submit a signed paper version at the student administration or a digital version in PDF to:

ES: Preparation for Graduation Project

If you are an Embedded Systems student (following the regular ES program and not the EIT- ES program), then you need to do a preparation for graduation project (2IMC05 or 5T514, 10EC). The preparation for graduation project is best done in the semester preceding your graduation project. The preparation for graduation project is supervised by your graduation tutor and/or graduation supervisor, it involves a literature and feasibility survey, and it should result in a concrete project description with a detailed project planning. At the end of the preparation for graduation project you should present the project proposal report to the assessment committee that will also evaluate your Master project. After the presentation, your supervisor submits an assessment form to the student administration. If homologation units are chosen then they must be completed before start of preparation project. Preparation for Graduation Project should be completed before the start of the Graduation Project

Weeks before you start your project

Read the graduation regulations. Submit your graduation plan (form 2).

Gather all the required signatures on the form and make a separate problem description. Submit all documents to the student administration.

While executing your project

Consult the dates of the examination committee meetings and register for one of them at the latest four weeks in advance via OSIRIS. You can do this by clicking on Progress and then Qualification request. Please select the date of your preference from the list above and fill in the date in the OSIRIS form.
EIT students that have followed their entry year at Eindhoven University of Technology and are currently following their exit year at one of the partner institutions should select one of the dates of the examination committee meetings and register by contacting Ms. Jessica Berger.
In this meeting, the examinations committee determines whether or not you qualify for the diploma.
Ensure that the assessment committee is composed at the latest 1 month before your final presentation. The graduation supervisor must assemble the committee according to the regulations, sign the form, and submit it to the student administration for the approval by the Examinations Committee.
Form 3:Assessment committee form.

At the end of your project

You can book a room for your presentation at the student administration (provided all results of your study program are registered at the administration). Please ensure that you book a room for (at least) two hours: usually the presentation is public and takes 30-45 minutes followed by questions from the audience; defence (answering questions of the committee) is restricted to you and the committee members and also takes 30-45 minutes; finally the committee will evaluate the graduation project as a whole and determine the grade.

After the presentation, only minor corrections in the graduation report can be introduced.

Your supervisor should submit at the student administration:

•   your grade with the assessment report (electronically at the student administration),

•   your graduation report,

•   and the declaration concerning the TU/e Code of Scientific Conduct signed by you.

If the graduation report should be confidential for 1 year, have your supervisor indicate this on the graduation plan. If the report should be con- fidential for (maximum) 5 years, approval of the program director is necessary, like indicated on the graduation plan.

Fill out the “Graduation Form” (form 4), which you receive by e-mail from the student administration. Submit it 2 weeks before the examination meeting to the student administration.

After you completed your project

 Fill out the graduation survey. You will get an e-mail with the link from the student administration.

Attend the graduation ceremony. You will get an email with the invitation from the student administration.