Master Innovation Management in Afbouw


Increasing innovative strength
Economies can only survive in the long term if they have innovative manufacturing and service industries. Increasing the innovative strength of businesses is therefore vitally important for society. Innovation is also essential for companies and their competitive position. Innovation strengthens the loyalty of existing customers and helps to win new customers. The Innovation Management discipline studies the management of innovation processes and develops theories, tools and techniques to make businesses more innovative. Key aspects of this discipline are knowledge management, strategic alliances, new product development, close supplier partnerships, marketing management, quality and reliability engineering, and technology management. The object of the studies is the new product development process and the processes to cooperate with other organizations and share knowledge with them.

The Master’s degree program
The Master’s program conveys scientific theories, tools and techniques to manage and improve innovations both within and across companies. You will learn how to apply the knowledge that you gain in carrying out research into innovation management and in industrial applications. You will also learn ways to analyze the current innovative performance of a company, how to explain it in terms of quality, cost and time, and how to improve this performance by re-engineering innovation processes. You will experience what it means to
carry out research yourself, to gain new insights and to apply the acquired knowledge in the many projects.

The program trains students for positions in:

  • managing internal innovation/product development projects and programs
  • managing alliances in this area
  • entrepreneurship and the commercializing of new technologies. You can choose between these profiles by following elective courses