Master Applied Physics

Nature of the degree program

In 2015 the Applied Physics master program has been redesigned. Whereas the old program mainly trained students as independent researchers in a sub area of Applied Physics, the new program now gives much more flexibility to students to develop not only as researcher but also as an industrial engineer or a professional in education. The differentiation between these flavors is due to a large flexiblity within a general framework.

General framework

In order to provide for a maximum flexibility for students to design their own study, the general framework contains a large flexible space. The general framework with maximum flexible space and a 45 ec graduation project looks like this:


The flexible space, however may be used to extend the graduation project to 60 ec. The general framework then looks like this:

Specialization within the program

Despite the large flexibility in the program, the teaching in the master program is strongly related to the areas of research the department focuses on. Because of this the following specialist areas (tracks) are available:

  • Transport Physics (FLOW)
  • Plasma Physics and Radiation Technology (PLASMA)
  • Bio/Nanoscience and Technology (BIONANO)

Please go to the department research pages for more information on the related research.

Since a part of the general framework of the MAP program consists of specialization related components, students have to choose one of the above mentioned specializations. See curriculum for more details.


Although a MAP student can design his own studies by filling the flexible space within the applicable constraints, three predefined profiles lead to a graduation certificate.
Aiming to prepare students on a specific carrier, certificates are provided on these three profiles:

  • Research profile
  • Engineering profile
  • Education profile

In order to obtain such a certificate, students have to meet special requirements within the general framework. These certificates are specialization independent, i.e. they can be obtained within all three specializations.

See curriculum for more details.