Program and Examination Regulations (PER)

The PER is the Program and Examination Regulations for a program and contains clear and sufficient information about the program, making it the basic document for both students and teachers.

Subjects covered by the PER include:

  • the content of the program and the associated final examinations, the number and sequence of other examinations and the times when these can be taken
  • the type of examination (oral, written or other types of examination)
  • the period of validity of successfully completed examination components
  • the right of inspection and evaluation

The Higher Education and Research Act (Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek) draws a distinction between program and examination regulations and examination committee rules and guidelines. Subjects regulated by the TU/e Examination Committee Rules and Guidelines (Examination Regulations) include:

  • compilation Examination Committee
  • procedures Examination Committee
  • tasks Examination Committee
  • rules relating to quality assurance of testing and exams
  • rules relating to measures taken in the event of fraud by examinees
  • rules and guidelines relating to testing and exams
  • compensation regulations
  • graduation regulations

Electives program

In your master program you have to make a number of choices such as a specialization and electives. These choices should be listed on the electives program form which can be downloaded HERE.

You should discuss the program with your mentor (master coach). He has to fill in an advise on the form as well. After completing the form, send it to with a copy (Cc) to your mentor. To this email also a scan of the decaration concerning the TU/e code of scientific conduct should be attached. Programs without a Cc to the mentor or a code of conduct will be rejected.

You must submit the program prior to the end of the first full quarter of subscription.

If you did not yet select an external trainee supervisor or a graduation supervisor, you can leave these fields blank. Send in an update of the program as soon as they are known (before starting the external traineeship).
The pre master program section should only be completed if applicable (e.g. by HBO students).

Declaration concerning the TU/e code of conduct

As a master student you have to sign the declaration concerning the TU/e code of scientific conduct. This declaration should be signed in presence of your mentor. A scan of the declaration you must send together with the electives program to

The declaration can be found HERE