Certificate programs

'Construction Technology' and 'Building Design & Technology'

The Department of the Built Environment offers two certificate programs: 'Construction Technology' and 'Building Design & Technology'. These certificates are supplementary to the regular master program ABP and are meant for students who follow the master program ABP at our Department. The board of the Department is convinced that the certificate programs will meet the needs from students and their future employers in the Built Environment.

The certificate program ‘Construction Technology’ aims at obtaining knowledge and research skills in the field of Construction Technology: the construction of a building.  The emphasis lies on independent designing and developing a production process for the construction of a building by using materials, equipment and labor in the most optimal way.  The certificate program ‘Building Design & Technology’ aims at design – and research skills in the field of the Building Technology. The certificate program emphasizes the relation between the design of the Building and its technical elaboration. 

Both certificate programs have an extent of 15 ECTS, 5 ECTS will come on the top of the regular master program. The extent of the subjects that can be used in the elective course space in the regular master program is 10 ECTS. A project of 5 ECTS will be part of the program.