Specialization Structural Design

The core program Structural Design is based on five core courses, several specialization electives and some free electives. The graduation project is filled in over the last three quartiles of the second master year. The core courses focus on knowledge on and application of structural materials as well as on several methods to solve mechanical problems. Structural design related courses as well as projects are part of the specialization electives. The projects can be divided in design projects (large span structures as well as high rise buildings) and in research projects (experimental research as well as numerical research). The courses enable the student to specify and acquire individual knowledge and competences within the field of structural design.

Within the electives group two special courses are introduced, among others, focusing on the construction technology of buildings. When an extra project is carried out successfully then the certificate Construction Technology is obtained. At last, the graduation project can be carried out within the field of innovative structural design, the field of applied mechanics and the field of structural material related subjects. And, of course on combinations of these.

The Master’s program contains 120 ECTS’. For details see the MSc- program

  • 25 Ects Core Courses
  • 30 Ects Specialization Electives
  • 20 Ects Free Electives
  • 45 Ects Graduation