Program composition

Program composition

The CSE Master curriculum is structured according to three focus areas: algorithms & theory, architecture & systems, and, software & analytics.

Each of these focus areas is captured by a set of foundational courses and deepening courses. You obtain breadth in research by selecting a foundational course from each focus area, and specialize in one of the focus areas by selecting additional foundational or deepening courses. In the second half of your studies, you participate in one of the research seminars, bringing you to the forefront of research in your chosen direction.  

Specifically, the 120 EC of the CSE Master are allocated as follows: 

  • 15 EC foundational courses 
  • 15 EC specialization 
  • 30 EC CSE electives 
  • 15 EC free electives 
  • 5 EC seminar 
  • 40 EC graduation

Students have to register  for their courses as well as the exams via Osiris.

Exam schedules for all courses you are enrolled in can be found in My Timetable.