Master Construction Management and Engineering

The increasingly dynamic complexity of construction and, consequently, the changing perception of interests and values have initiated the development of a new program in the domain area between ‘construction engineering’ and ‘scientific management and economics’. This master’s degree program is both process and organization oriented, with a special focus on energy technology, mobility and information management. The specialization of CME at TU/e consists of Construction Management & Urban Development. CMUD is a scientific Master that focuses on the societal and scientific analysis of real world problems in which two domains of science are combined: (urban) building sciences plus management and innovation sciences. The major TU/e departments - the Department of the Built Environment, and Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences (IE&IS) - support the education and research. Both departments combine their distinctive research-driven and subjectoriented approach of traditional engineering education in this master’s degree program. The two-year degree program has a clear scientific signature profile and strong involvement in the research activities of staff members and PhD researchers.

Graduation options
The graduation project is executed on the cross of the two aforementioned scientific domains. Within this cross section students can choose from a list of topics that are strongly related to on-going research projects in both departments:

• Process engineering:
When cities or urban districts are to be developed or redeveloped, complex decision-making and information processes are needed in order to bring shareholders and stakeholders together. Developing models for negotiation, data management, simulation of expected results and process governance are the focus of these graduation projects.

• Business engineering:
Cities and urban districts are considered and approached in terms of entrepreneurial entities: profit and non-profit companies. In the individual graduation projects, the subjects are value features, exploitation possibilities, management and financing concepts.

4TU master’s degree program
Three leading universities of technology in the Netherlands from the 4TU.Federation, namely - Eindhoven University of Technology, Delft University of Technology and the University of Twente - have joined forces in the 4TU.CME program. Together they offer multiple master’s degree programs, including: CME. CME at TU/e focuses on Construction Management & Urban Development (CMUD). The TU/e Department of the Built Environment, and Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences are supporting the education and research of this interdisciplinary master’s degree program. As a student you are assured of the best education in this field. You will be taught by the very best lecturers education has to offer.