Master Electrical Engineering 2017-2018

Electrical Engineering is about many things that are essential parts of people’s lives. It involves power generation, communication, healthcare and the environment, and electrical engineers solve a wide range of problems related to these topics. The department’s research focuses on smart, innovative electrical components and on the design of electrical systems, which may become very complex. We cooperate closely with the regional high-tech industry and with other partners all over the world.

The Electrical Engineering discipline is constantly changing. As a graduate of the Electrical Engineering Master Program you will find yourself equipped for researching, discovering and exploring new boundaries and for leading others along that way.

The purpose of the master program in Electrical Engineering is to teach students to work independently on complex research and design projects with the ability to rethink existing concepts and develop new ones. In the final phase of the program students will be able to present the results of their work to an international community. The curriculum of the Electrical Engineering master program comprises a compulsory part, electives, an internship and finally a graduation project in which the student demonstrates his/her engineering ability to a high standard.

These pages describe the current master program in Electrical Engineering. See the menu to the right for programs of an earlier date and for a link to transitional arrangements. The menu to the right also lists related  special master tracks.