Admission non-TU/e Bachelors

Admission non-Tu/e Bachelors (WO BSc and HBO)

Pre Master Program

On the Flow Matrix (doorstroommatrix in Dutch) you will see whether you can be admitted directly to a Master program, or whether you first need to do the Pre-Master program of our MSc HTI program. Note that the Flow matrix is not run by our university and can only be used to get an indication.

Students with a degree certificate from a BSc WO program who request registration for a pre-Master program the Departmental Admissions Committee shall assess what the level of deficiency is of the student.

All applicants must provide TU/e with a full application package before any decision can be taken on admission to the master program. It is not possible for TU/e to give an indication of eligibility without first receiving a full application package.

For a deficiency that exceeds 30 credits, the students shall not be admitted to a pre-Master program and shall be advised to enrol in the preparatory Bachelor program. For a deficiency with a maximum of 30 credits, the students must register for a regular pre-Master program. For students with previous university training who have a deficiency of 15 credits or fewer, the departmental Admissions Committee determines whether they are directly admissible to the Master program and must remedy the deficiencies within the Master program. (See art. 2 of Appendix 4 of MSc PER 2021-2022 according to the Graduate School).

Mathematics and English: To be admitted to the Pre-MSc program, you must meet the requirements for Mathematics and English.

BSc before MSc Rule: On September 1, 2012, the TU/e introduced the Harde Knip (Bachelor before Master) rule. You will only be allowed to the Master program once you have successfully taken the final examination of the Pre-Master program because of the Bachelor before Master rule.

Application: You can apply for a pre-Master program at Studielink before May 1.

More (Pre-Master TU/e) information: See Pre-Master (

Further questions? In case you have any further questions regarding admission, please contact



Psychology BSc degree (or equivalent) from a Dutch university. If you completed a psychology BSc degree and are interested in technology, you could be admitted to the premaster.

Technology BSc degree (or equivalent) from a Dutch university. If your Bachelor's includes 40-60 ECTS technology-oriented courses, and you have a strong interest in the psychology of the user and research, you could be admitted to the premaster.

The general requirements for admission to our MSc program for students with a Bachelor degree from a university outside the Netherlands are:

  • A relevant Bachelor's degree (or equivalent), based on a program of sufficient academic level and quality to be able to complete the HTI Master program. Specific requirements per country can be found here.       
  • You must have knowledge and skills in behavioral research like UX research, psychology, etc. If deficient in this area, you cannot be admitted directly to the Master's HTI.
  • Your Bachelor's contains 40-60 ECTS technology-oriented courses.
  • A Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 75% of the scale maximum.  
  • Sufficient mastery of the English language.
  • Sufficient mastery of mathematics (pre-university (VWO) mathematics B or T).



If you have completed a Bachelor program at a Dutch HBO (university of Higher Professional Education also called University of Applied Sciences), this does not qualify you for direct admission to our MSc Program. Below you will find a list of BSc HBO Programs that give direct access to our Pre-MSc Pre-Master program of our MSc HTI program:



-Civiele Techniek



-Technische Informatica

-Technische Natuurkunde


Students with a degree certificate from a hbo program, as stated in the list mentioned above, who request registration for a pre-Master’s program are directly admissible. If the hbo program is not listed or the students have a prior university background the Departmental Admissions Committee shall assess what the level of deficiency is of students.

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