Master Industrial Design

Other sources of information   

The paper study guide outlines the framework of our educational programs. This online study guide offers a more elaborate version. In OSIRIS you can find the descriptions for each course specifically. The digital learning environment Canvas can be used for communication within projects and courses. Lecturers can use Canvas to communicate information about a project, course, or assessments (for example). This mostly happens via announcements.

The student newsletter offers extra information and useful reminders on educational matters due that month. All the important dates and deadlines are in there! We also share news of the department, its researchers and students, and you can expect interesting opportunities such as student assistant jobs or awards. The monitor in Laplace shows reminders of events, as well as interesting Cursor articles and TU/e events. Find Industrial Design on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for your daily share of ‘nice-to-know’ information about our department.