At Industrial Design, electives allow you to acquire knowledge and skills in specific areas of expertise that contribute to your overall competence of designing. 

In addition to the electives offered by Industrial Design, you can also attend electives at other departments of Eindhoven University of Technology. You choose the electives that best match your learning goals and that contribute most to your intended development as derived from your professional identity and vision. 

The mentor supports in the process of decision-making. Choosing electives supports the development of an expertise profile and the career track you wish to pursue.


You can register for electives in Osiris, via MyTU/e. If you have registered for more electives than you can attend, please deregister in Osiris. There are only a limited number of seats available per elective. If the registration deadline has passed, please send an e-mail to the Educational Office via id.education@tue.nl, they will handle the deregistration for you.

When less than 16 students have registered for an elective upon the closing of the registration period (5 working days before Q1 and 15 working days before Q2, 3 and 4), the course might be cancelled. The students involved will be contacted by the Educational Office so they can register for another course.

Overview 2018-2019

The table below provides an overview of all master electives offered by Industrial Design for academic year 2018-2019. The electives are arranged per area of expertise. Some electives cover more than one area of expertise. Click on the elective code to find more information in OSIRIS. The table also shows in which quartile you can attend the elective.

If you have started the master's program in academic year 2017-2018 (or earlier), at least two of your electives should be specialization electives that are linked to your track. If the elective is a specialization elective for one of the tracks, the corresponding track is mentioned in the second column. If you will start your master's program in academic year 2018-2019, there is only one compulsory track course. In that case, the track abbreviation is marked with an asterisk. Next to this compulsory track course, you do four electives in total.

Updated May 22, 2018
CodeTrackBusiness and EntrepreneurshipQ1Q2Q3Q4
DAM110 Activating your Innovation Radar X  
DAM120DLEDesign Innovation Strategies   X
DAM140DLEExperiental Design LandscapesX   
DAM150DLE*Design Leadership and Entrepreneurship  X 
CodeTrackCreativity and AestheticsQ1Q2Q3Q4
DCM110RDDA Designerly Perspective on IoT; a Growing Systems ApproachX   
DCM140 Composing Everyday Rituals  X 
DCM160 Interactive Materiality X  
DCM170CDRResearching the Future Everyday   X
CodeTrackDesign and Research ProcessesQ1Q2Q3Q4
DCM100CoreConstructive Design ResearchX   
DDM140CDR*Research Methods  X 
CodeTrackMath, Data and ComputingQ1Q2Q3Q4
DBM110RDDComplex and Adaptive Systems   X
DBM120CDRDesigning Information Products; Beautiful DataX   
DBM150 Golden Ratio and Generative Arts X  
DBM160 Data-enabled Design   X
CodeTrackTechnology and RealizationQ1Q2Q3Q4
DBM130RDDDesigning Intelligence in Interaction X  
DBM140 Embodying Intelligent Behaviour in Social ContextX   
CodeTrackUser and SocietyQ1Q2Q3Q4
DCM130DLEDesign for Social Innovation X  
DDM110 Design for Behavioral ChangeX   
DDM120 Design for Focused and Peripheral Interaction  X 
DDM150RDD*User Experience Theory and Practice  X 
DDM170 Community Xperience Design   X
 CDRConstructive Design Research    
 RDDResearch, Design and Development    
 DLEDesign Leadership and Entrepreneurship    
 *Compulsory track course for generation 2018-2019