Graduation and examination dates

In Osiris you can easily subscribe yourself for the upcoming examination session. You can do this by clicking on Progress and then Qualification request.

Final presentation and defense of the MSc-thesis must be at least 5 working days before exam meeting.

Innovation Management29-09-1701-09-17
Innovation Management31-10-1703-10-17
Innovation Management30-11-1702-11-17
Innovation Management22-12-1701-12-17
Innovation Management31-01-1803-01-18
Innovation Management28-02-1807-02-18
Innovation Management29-03-1801-03-18
Innovation Management30-04-1802-04-18
Innovation Management31-05-1803-05-18
Innovation Management29-06-1801-06-18
Innovation Management31-07-1803-07-18
Innovation Management31-08-1803-08-18

Ceremony date

Master IM: 08-10-2018 and 01-04-2019 at 16.00h