Admission TU/e Bachelors

Bachelor Sustainable Innovation

You have direct admission to the TU/e Innovation Sciences Master's program if you have completed a Bachelor’s in Sustainable Innovation at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Other TU/e Bachelor College students

Students of the TU/e Bachelor College, not following the major Sustainable Innovation, will be admitted if they have completed the following three courses in the elective space of their bachelor:

  • Behavioral Research Methods2: Dealing with data (0HV50)
  • Economics of Innovation: Introduction (0SV30)
  • Sustainable Technology in Society: Introduction (0SV10)

If a TU/e student did not complete these three courses (just mentioned above) in his/her BSc then he/she must follow these courses (max 3) in the free space.

  1. 0HV50 Behavioral Research Methods 2: Dealing with data
  2. 0SV100 Economics of Innovation Advanced
  3. 0SV80 Sustainable Technology in Society Advanced

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