Master Mechanical Engineering

Education Guide to the master's program of Mechanical Engineering

Welcome to the online Education Guide of the Mechanical Engineering Master Program.

This Education Guide is meant for students primarily. It contains information on the structure and the organizational aspects of the program. You can use it as a guide throughout your entire Master’s program. All aspects of the program will be explained in detail.

The information on these pages applies to the academic year of 2017-2018, unless stated otherwise.

Capacity-driven Master Allocation Procedure (MAP)

May 2018 - In order to ensure that MSc students will get a qualitative supervision, the Board of the Department of Mechanical Engineering aims to match the number of MSc students within each research group with the available supervision capacity of that group. In order to safeguard quality of supervision, the maximum number of students that can enroll a particular research group will have to match the available capacity of that group. For the upcoming academic year 2018-2019 a procedure is implemented within the Department of Mechanical Engineering to allocate students to research groups. The Board of the department thereby provides students a suitable position within the university to complete their MSc project.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is responsible for the MSc program Mechanical Engineering and the interdepartmental MSc programs Automotive Technology, Systems and Control, and Sustainable Energy Technology. The same regulations for the procedure apply to all programs. The timeline and implementation of the procedure for the MSc program Mechanical Engineering are different from those for the interdepartmental programs.

More information on the details of the procedure for the MSc program Mechanical Engineering regarding regulations and timeline can be found here.


To-do list

Please pay close attention to the to-do list; it will guide you step by step through the practical arrangements you need to make in order to complete your program successfully.