Graduation committee

In principle the committee consists of:

  • The supervisor (professor/UHD/UD); will act as chair 
  • 1 external member; BME examiner who was not involved in the project and has no tight research bonds to the group
  • 1 additional member; BME examiner

The composition of the graduation committee has to be approved by the chair of the examination committee no later than 4 weeks before the oral presentation and defense.

Preferable, for the tracks RMT and MIx one of the members or advisors is appointed at the Utrecht University or the Utrecht University Medical Center. Company employees, postdocs and PhD students can act as advisors of the committee.

In addition, for the master ME, one of the members of the graduation committee holds a clinical/medical position (for example, a doctor, clinical physicist or clinical chemist) in a hospital or related institution.

Public presentation

  • This public presentation can only be given when all other parts of the master’s program are finished; an exception is made for the external internship, when discussed with the graduation professor.
  • You will plan the date, time and place of the oral presentation with your supervisor. 
  • During the oral presentation the entire graduation committee needs to be present.
  • Send an email to the secretary of the group and to at least 2 weeks before the presentation; including your name, title of the presentation, a short summary of your presentation, date, time and place of your presentation. 

The presentation

The public presentation should have a duration of about 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of questions and a discussion. Then an oral defense will take place (approximately 1 hour). Afterwards, an assessment form is filled out; you will receive the original, a copy needs to go to the secretary of the examinations committee. The final presentation will be held no later than one week before the examinations meeting.


Grading criteria for the graduation project can be found in Appendix 5 of the Departmental Assessment policy, which can be found here. The rating of the graduation project is in half grades.