Study year 2018-2019

For the distribution of the courses in each OML track for study year 2018-2019, please click on the links to the tracks.   

The Master’s program contains 120 ECTS and consists of:

Be aware of the following:

1) The OML students also need to acquire sufficient knowledge in financing and accounting. This can be obtained from 1CM22 Integrated Financial & Operations Management, as well as BSc courses (such as the current 1CK40 AND 1-out-of-two:1CK80 or 1CK90), or a course during the international semester.

2) Furthermore, the OML students need to have sufficient knowledge in programming and simulation at the start of the program, as this knowledge is pre-requisite in some courses. The students missing this knowledge are strongly recommended to follow a homologation course (such as 1BK50) which will consume from the free elective space.

3) Note that it is allowed to exchange one of the specialisation electives by the Academic Writing course (SFC640) or other free elective. Language courses can only count as an extra course.