Master Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion

Welcome to the online Education Guide of the Master of Science program ‘Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion’ started in September 2012. This Education Guide is meant for students primarily. It contains information on the structure and the organizational aspects of the program.

The program is interdisciplinary, bringing together the departments of Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Moreover, the international development of fusion is done in worldwide collaboration. During their studies students participate in international teams, often in large research centres.

Why Fusion?

The worldwide collaboration on the development of nuclear fusion as a safe, clean and inexhaustible energy source is now culminating in the construction of the large test reactor ITER. ITER is being built in Europe (in Cadarache, France) and will demonstrate 10-fold power multiplication at the 500 MW level.

The ITER project is giving the science and engineering of nuclear fusion a major boost. ITER will also need a new generation of highly trained engineers and scientists for its operation. Eindhoven University of Technology has selected fusion science and technology as one of its high profile areas, by starting a dedicated research group and establishing a full-blown education program on fusion at the Master level.

The Fusion Master is the obvious path for those who want to specialize in fusion. If you are bright and ambitious, interested in high-tech and not shy of a serious challenge, and feel a concern for the sustainability of the planet, Fusion might be just the study for you.