Registration form Internship

Fill in this registration form prior to the start of your Internship for the Master Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion with the information as agreed upon by you and your TU/e supervisor.

By filling in the start and end date on the registration form for the internship, you agree that you meet the prerequisites for the project and that there is the express intention that the project, including the submission of the final report and the final presentation, is completed by this end date. When you do not succeed in making this deadline, the rules as described in the Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion Examination Committee Reguations apply.

A copy of this registration form will be sent to your TU/e supervisor, the Fusion secretariat, CSA AP and to your own e-mail address. 

In case your project is international, you should register your project via Mobility Online as well.

Registration form Internship

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