Graduation Deadlines

In Osiris you can easily subscribe yourself for the upcoming examination session. You can do this by clicking on Progress and then Qualification request.

For the Master's program 'Science & Technology of Nuclear Fusion', the following examination board meetings are known;

Date of last result / graduation presentationDate Examination Board Fusion (EBF) meetingDeadline to register in Osiris for the EBF meetingDate graduation ceremony (19:00) Filmzaal Zwarte Doos
Thursday September 20th 2018Tuesday October 2nd 2018Monday September 3rd 2018Thursday October 11th 2018
Thursday December 6th 2018Thursday December 20th 2018Tuesday November 20th 2018Thursday January 10th 2019
Thursday March 21st 2019Thursday April 4th 2019Monday March 4th 2019Thursday April 18th 2019
Thursday June 6th 2019Thursday June 27th 2019Monday May 27th 2019Thursday July 4th 2019