Other SEC components

Other SEC Components
 Subject Content Courses30 ECTS
EME42International Research Project20 ECTS
EME36Schoolpractical (teaching) P55 ECTS
 Free Elective5 ECTS

This package comprises a series of subjects and activities that together with the educational packages 1 through 4 makes your two year Science Education and Communication program complete. 

A large part of this package comprises subject courses. If you are studying to complete a Dutch degree for secondary school teachers for a particular subject, these courses must be in this field. The subjects must under any circumstances be approved by the ESoE examination board. 

The international research project is usually combined with ‘Practical Educational Research – project’ (EME41) to create one integrated project. The project should focus on STEM-education (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). It is typically used to create a ‘stay abroad’ for instance at one of the ESoE partner institutions. School practical P5 offers the opportunity to relate the research project closely to in school- practice. In case of an international stay, this component can also be international. For this approval of the ESoE examination committee is needed, in particular for candidates that want to acquire a Dutch teaching degree.

Educational research is a vivid branch in the STEM domain in particular that rapidly internationalizes. Results of this research help teachers to better understand the thinking of their students, and to be more effective in making them learn.  Key issues in this field of research are: teaching experimental skills, conceptual understanding, mastering subject thinking methods, what to teach and why?, involving students in STEM subjects and making them enthusiastic. Guidance is provided on the full/associated/assistant professor level.

NB: This package is part of the teacher training trajectory for a Dutch degree ‘1e graads leraar’. It is open for master students and PhD’s seeking to deepen their knowledge and competence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education by doing practical research.

NB2: If combined as an educational track or 'Bi-Diplomering' the need for this package is no longer present. See 'combineren met andere master' for more information.