Elective Courses

Elective courses are all Master courses and level three Bachelor courses from Electrical Engineering, Master courses from all other TU/e study programs and from programs from other universities. Core courses and specialization courses are also valid electives. Language courses (Dutch and English) are permitted at C level but no more than one language course (5 EC). In case of doubt, the Examination Committee will decide if a course is admissible as an elective. For 15 credits of electives, a student needs advice of his/her mentor or graduation supervisor, the other 15 credits of electives are free to choose.

Excluded Master electives

The following courses do not count as Master electives:

  • All level 1 and level 2 Bachelor courses
  • 5XSF0 Enabling technologies for sports: Fundamentals of signal & video analysis
  • 5XPB0 Nano devices and integration if course 5CCA0 has also been chosen as a core course or elective